Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Those that enjoy SWTOR.....UNITE!!!

Our goal here is a simple one. With all the people complaining about Star Wars: The Old Republic, those of us that enjoy the game MUST make ourselves heard as well. So I am starting this campaign to get the word out to those listening at Bioware and Activision that this is not a bad game. For every person that rips on this game, there are dozens of us that enjoy it. For every person that feels there is not enough content, there are far far more of us that feel that you have done a great job giving us content in a timeline that does not put out too much, too fast and burn itself out. We like and enjoy SW:TOR and we need to make our voices heard.

I ask those of you that like and enjoy SWTOR to do two things.

One - Please post a comment here simply with your name. Feel free to add a positive comment about the game if you want. but our goal is to bring names to those at Bioware and prove to them we really do like this game.  

Two - Spread the word about this campaign. Toss links up everywhere you can and lets flood the online community with positive voices and show everyone once and for all that the people that bash games will no longer be the only voices heard!

Note: Negative comments will be removed! This is a positive campaign only.

UPDATE: We are starting to get some good attention! Stephen Reid has caught wind of this and has even relinked our link on Google+. Lets keep the ball rolling and make the voices of positive heard!